Occupational safety and health protection in tunnel construction

Hyperbaric medicine in tunnel construction

Occupational safety and health protection are regulated by law in Switzerland. Overpressure work represents work with a specific risk which requires increased due diligence. The regulations of the EKAS (Swiss Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety) require that a specific occupational health and safety concept be drawn up and recorded in writing for compressed air workers, which requires the involvement of ASA (Occupational Health and Safety Specialists). This requires an analysis of the project-specific hazards, risk analysis and definition of procedures with acceptable residual risk. In addition, an emergency management concept, hazard monitoring and employee involvement must be established.


    According to Swiss SUVA and international guidelines (ITA-AITES & BTS)

  • risk analyses

    Operational site inspections, proposals for operational safety and emergency planning

  • medical advice for compressed air operations

    Decompression tables, use of mixed gas, saturation procedures


    Preparation of emergency preparedness incl. deployment of on-call physicians


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